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Nacogdoches Youth Soccer Association

 Picture Day Schedule-April 23  


For more information see House of photographers web page.

 Player, Coach and Team Master List Spring 2022

 NYSA would like to thank everyone for being patient during the registration process this season. It was busier than normal this season. Due to the new registration software and the large number of players that registered this season.  

If you haven't heard from your coach. We suggest contacting your coach. He or she may be having difficulty getting in touch with you. 

Please remember to help your coaches and teammates. Together we can make this a very successful season. 

Age Group Chart Fall 2021 & Spring 2022


U18 Age Group Birth year   2004, 2005 & 2006 Co-ed Teams

U15 Age Group Birth year 2007, 2008 & 2009 Co-ed Teams  

U12/U11 Age Group Birth year 2010 & 2011 Co-ed Teams

U10/U9 Age Group Birth year  2012 & 2013

U8/U7 Age Group Birth year 2014 & 2015

U6/U5 Age Group Birth year 2016 & 2017


Spring Season Information

First Game March 19, 2021

Season Ends May 14, 2021

No Games Easter Weekend

Picture day scheduled for April 23th

NYSA is a Recreation League for Boys and Girls birth year 2004 through birth year 2017.

The Spring season is basically a continuation of the Fall season. Returning players and teams stay together in the same age group.  Players will continue to wear their Fall 2021 jerseys. Players and coaches please have a conversation about who is returning in the spring season. Parents do not assume that your coach will be coaching in the spring. Players on teams without a coach will be redrafted in the spring season. 

For questions about our Recreational Program, please email us at


Equipment list

NYSA supplies jersey, goals, referees and grass

Players are responsible for black shorts, shin guards, socks that cover up the shin guards, ball and soccer cleats (baseball and football cleats are not allowed). 

u5-u8 size 3 ball    u9-u12 size 4 ball     u13 and up size 5 ball

New NYSA Online Store Custom Order Gear

Custom order NYSA Uniforms and Apparel Adult and Youth sizes available Parents if you're interested in a matching jersey. See NYSA online store. We also have available t-shirt, sweatshirts collared shirt and more.

Practice Field Schedule

Field 1-6 Reserved for U6

Field 8-12 Reserved for U7 & U8

Field 15,19,20,21  for u10

Field 15,16 and 17 for COED U12

Field 18 Reserved Mondays and Wednesdays for Pines

Field 14 Reserved Mondays and Wednesdays for Pines

Field 17 Reserved Mondays and Wednesdays for COED Junior High U16

Youth Tournament Results

  • Pines 1779 1st Place U10 Competitive Division Fall 2019 Small Town Showdown Nacogdoches
  • Texans 1st Place U10 Competitive Division January 2019 Calvary Cup ​​College Station TX
  • Challenge 2nd Place U15 Competitive Division 2019 18th Annual Presidents' Day Invitational Houston TX
  • Texans 1st Place U10 Competitive Div. Fall 2018 Lonestar Soccer Club Round Rock TX
  • Challenge 2nd Place U15 Competitive Division Fall 2018 Lonestar Soccer Club Round Rock TX
  • Strikers 1st Place U7 Fall 2018 Palestine TX
  • Challenge 1st Place U15 Competitive Div. Spring 2018 Shreveport Red River Classic
  • Little Longhorns 1st Place U8 Spring 2018 Jacksonville Tomato Fest 4v4
  • Red Cobras 1st Place U6 Spring 2018 Jacksonville Tomato Fest 4v4
  • Hot Shotz 2nd Place U15 Competitive Division Spring 2018 Jacksonville Tomato Fest 4v4
  • Nacogdoches U11 Girls 2nd Place Fall 2017 Longview Tournament
  • Golden Dragons 1st Place U8B Spring 2017 Kilgore Tournament
  • Sounders 2nd Place U9 Fall 2017 Tyler Tournament
  • Sounders 1st Place U8B Fall 2016 Kilgore Tournament
  • Sounders 2nd Place U8B Fall 2016 Tyler Tournament 4v4 Division
  • Monsters 1st Place U8G Spring 2015 Futbolito Fest
  • Blaze 1st Place U15G Spring 2014 Mike Mendicello (Longview) Tournament
  • Titans 1st Place U12G Spring 2014 Mike Mendicello (Longview) Tournament
  • Titans 1st Place U11G Spring 2013 Lufkin 6v6 Tournament
  • Blast 2nd Place U10G Spring 2013 Lufkin Tournament
  • Danger 4th Place U10G Spring 2013 Tyler Tournament
  • Blaze 3rd Place U12G Spring 2012 Mike Mendicello Tournament (Longview)
  • Blaze 1st Place U12G Fall 2011 Kilgore Tournament
  • Titans 3rd Place U10G Fall 2011 Kilgore Touranment
  • Dynamo 1st Place U10B Spring 2013 Nacogdoches Cups and Games
  • Broncos 3rd Place U10B Spring 2011 Mike Mendicello Tournament
  • Blaze 3rd Place U10G Fall 2010 Kilgore Tournament
  • Spirt 1st Place State Tournament 2010 North Texas Champions
  • Spirit 1st Place Fall 2010 Longview Tournament
  • Broncos 1st Place U10B Fall 2010 Tyler Tournament
  • Broncos 1st Place U10B Fall 2010 Kilgore Tournament
  • Dynamo 2nd Place U10B Spring 2010 Tyler Tournament
  • Pines 1779 1st Place U16 Competitive Division East Texas Fall Classic 2019
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NYSA COVID-19 Return To Play Policy

NYSA will comply with the local mandates at the time for COVID-19 precautions.

Return to play policy: If a player or coach is diagnosed with COVID-19 they must avoid practices and games for 14 days starting from the first symptoms of COVID-19. If no symptoms were experienced, then the diagnosis date will serve as the start date for the 14 day avoidance period. No testing will be required for symptom evaluation or return to play evaluation.


Return-To-Play Guidelines for Covid-19 

• Ensure the player is healthy by checking the players temperature before activities with others. Do not attend trainings or games if exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, difficulty breathing or other symptoms identified by the CDC.

• Players should not attend trainings or games if they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

• Consider not carpooling or very limited carpooling.

• Parents should stay in their car or at least 6 feet from other non family spectators and should not approach non family players.

• Wear a mask when at training or games, except for when actually playing in a game.

• Bring your own hand sanitizer to trainings and games and use when not on the field.

• Ensure players clothing is washed immediately after each training or game.

• Ensure players equipment (shoes, ball, shin guards, etc.) are sanitized before and after each training or game.

• Ensure the player has his/her own equipment (ball, water, bag, etc.) and is told not to share with others.

• Notify your coach or manager immediately if the player becomes ill for any reason.

• Do NOT engage in handshaking, hugs, high fives, during training or games.

• When not on the field, players and players' equipment should be six feet from other players and equipment.


The Texas Governors office has issued and amended the COVID-19 related executive orders several times, to allow for a phased approach of Return to Practice and Play for outdoor sports participants. Effective June 15, 2020, players and teams were allowed to return to both training and games. The following guidelines are to be considered to allow for everyone to return in the safest possible environment. Remember, we are all in this together, so all players, parents, coaches, referees, and administrators should be aware of these guidelines. There may also be guidelines specific to a city or county. It is important that you are familiar with, and follow your local government and health authority warnings and guidelines. Parent and Player Responsibilities

Practice at home with Free Virtual Academy

The Lonestar Virtual Academy is an online platform is designed to support your player's development and to keep our community connected during periods when we are unable to be on the field.


Equipment list

NYSA supplies jersey, goals and grass

Players are responsible for black shorts, shin guards, socks that cover up the shin guards sock color black or match soccer jersey, ball and soccer cleats (baseball and football cleats are not allowed). 

u5-u8 size 3 ball    u9-u10 size 4 ball  

SFA Soccer Camp Lil’ Jacks Program for ages 3-5yrs

Little Jacks (for ages 3-5) SFA Soccer  Soccer Camp 


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