U10 Girls and Boys

Games play 7v7, 8v8, 9v9 

2 - 25 minutes halves 5 minutes in between  


Size 4 Ball

Offsides rule   

Goalkeeper can not drop-kick or punt the ball

Goalkeeper can place the ball on the ground and kick the ball. When the goalkeeper releases the ball it is live and anyone can kick the ball.

Players cannot head the ball  

Build out line rule: The build-out line is for goal kicks. The opposing team must stand behind the build-out line prior to the ball being kicked.  After the ball is kicked the play is live and players are free to move forward. 

Players and coaches on one side of the field Parents and Spectators sitting opposite side

During play Coaches can move up and down their designated side of the field

50% Playing Time rule

Fouls and Misconduct conform to FIFA laws of the Game